Website Design

Need a professional-quality website for your band or business? With strong backend protection and a keen eye for slick design, we can create the perfect online portal for you. We can also construct an automated sales funnel and payment handling system to make it easy and effective for you to sell to online customers.

Basic Website

Perfect for promoting your Art, Band, or Service. Sleek and responsive website design. Personal email accounts, SEO, Online shopping cart, and all the marketing tools to reach the audience you want.

Business Website

For the entrepreneur who wants to sell their product in a professional fashion. Do you make your own product? Do you sell through Associates likes Amazon? Have an amazing business idea but dont know where to start? Start here. We customize to you specific needs, work side by side to make sure you are 100% happy with the finished product. With a 1-year commitment, you will get SSL certificate to protect your customers information, Personal email accounts, SEO, Online Shopping cart, google analytics, and 24/7 support from our developers to update and make changes when needed.

What is SSL?

In lamest terms, the SSL certificate will show your website is secure. If you have credit card payments going through on your site, you will want this. It will encrypt the customers information, preventing any kind of stealing of credit cards, etc

How does it work?

We follow an effective strategy to make your idea a reality;
Planning Phase: We go over your idea, find out what you need, do a rough draft and get back to you
Analysis: Analyze information needed and how we want it displayed, keeping SEO in mind, and making sure website flows.
Design: Start working on layout, working hand in hand with out customer, using anything the customer has to pull website together (images, social media, etc)
Implementation: After both parties are happy, we can launch the site.Maintenance: 24/7 Support for any site updates, etc.